Top 13 Best Amazon Prime Membership Benefits USA 2021

Today we’re talking everything about amazon prime and its benefits. Is it worth your money? We’re gonna find out all benefits of amazon prime subscription. So, let’s jump right into it. Amazon prime of course comes with its benefits. It comes with shopping benefits as well as entertainment benefits.


So, I’m going to talk about both of those different types of benefits so that you can decide if this is for you. Let’s talk about –


Here Are All the Benefits of Amazon Prime Subscription


Amazon Shopping Benefits

Which is of course fast free delivery. When you hear amazon prime, you’re most likely associating it with the free two-day Prime shipping option. This is probably the most well-known benefit and as well as the most used benefit.

Because I mean who doesn’t want to get their stuff quickly, It’s the worst thing when you order something and it takes a week, two weeks, or a month.

To get to your amazon prime you order it, it’s there may be the next day but definitely within two days, you’ll have your package. At your front doorstep, they even offer one-day shipping or same-day shipping in certain cities.

So, you have to check to see if that’s available in your area and if that is something that you’re interested in you to get your stuff even faster. I think the best part of the free two-day shipping is that you don’t have to meet a minimum purchase requirement in order to receive this benefit.


If you order something that is only 10 bucks you can still have that shipped to you for free in two days without having to meet like a 35 or 50 minimum threshold to get the free shipping.

If you’re not in a rush for your delivery choose the no-rush delivery option at the checkout. You can either get an instant credit or you can get a credit to use at a later purchase. All selecting no rush means is that you’re fine with your order taking a little bit longer to get to you.


I found that it is only delayed by a day or two, so it’s not a huge delay if you’re looking for a way to get some credit on the items that you’re purchasing on amazon try the no rush delivery option.


Amazon Prime Lockers Benefits


Another benefit of prime when it comes to shipping is the amazon lockers and the amazon locker is a self-service.

That’s located somewhere within your city. If your city does participate in lockers but it allows Amazon to deliver your package to the locker which is secure and you can pick it up whenever you have time.

As opposed to the package being left at your doorstep and maybe you’re on vacation or you’re out of town for work whatever it is. If you don’t feel like your packages are secure being delivered to your front doorstep you have the option of choosing the amazon locker to have amazon deliver your package safely.

And keep it protected until you’re ready to pick it up. In addition, you can also use lockers to return your items to amazon if you have returns or exchanges.


Amazon Prime Release Date Delivery


My last point regarding prime delivery is release date delivery with this you can pre-order eligible items and prime members can actually have them delivered to them on the release date.

So, whether you’ve been waiting for the latest video game or movie, or book that you’re waiting to come out. You as a prime member can have that item delivered to you on the day that it is released.

You can be one of the first people to have that new release item in your possession.

Amazon Prime Member

I want to talk about in regards to the benefits of amazon prime when it comes to shopping is the deals that are made available to prime members. If you have amazon prime you get exclusive access to deals and discounts. For example – with lightning deals.

You’ll get access 30 minutes before any other non-prime member gets access lightning deals are usually super good but they only exist while supplies last so having that extra 30 minutes as a prime member.

Really gives you a leg up on being able to possibly grab that item. Also, prime members get access to amazon prime day. So, it’s similar to black Friday where there are some super-duper mega amazing awesome deals that you can pick up.

But you have to be a prime member in order to get these deals. So for some people, a prime day alone is enough for them to get a membership the date for amazon prime day does usually change.

But it’s typically in the summertime so that is a great time if you’re interested in being able to access prime day that you can pick up your membership.


Amazon Credit Cards for Amazon Prime Member


The next shopping benefit is – pertaining to having an amazon credit card.

If you have an Amazon credit card you get three percent back on your amazon and whole foods purchases. But if you’re a prime member and you have an Amazon credit card you get five percent back on your amazon and whole foods purchases.

So, you simply get an additional two percent back on everything that you buy on Amazon or at whole foods just for being a prime member. If you’re a target shopper too this next one is for you.

You can use the amazon app to scan your item at target and if the item is cheaper on amazon you can head to guest services. And ask them for the amazon price based on target’s price match guarantee policy.

So, if there’s something at a target that you want right away that day and it’s cheaper on amazon make sure that you get the amazon price for that item.


Amazon Family Prime Benefits


Another benefit of having amazon prime is the amazon family and it’s something that is free to prime members with the Amazon family. You receive all different types of coupons and offers for baby-related products.

So, this can be very helpful if you have a baby. If you’re going to be having a baby soon check out amazon family to save some additional money.

In addition to that, you can get 20 off of your subscription order. The subscription is just something that you automatically have set to resend and shipped to you every week, every two weeks, every month whatever time frame you select. You get a discount for signing up for that repeated delivery.

You’ll want to use this benefit for things that you use often and you know that you often need to be repurchasing and having delivered to you such as diapers wipes and other baby supplies that you need.


Amazon Prime Benefits – Amazon Pharmacy


The next benefit of amazon prime is – regarding their prescription delivery and savings

As an amazon prime member, you can get free two-day shipping on your prescriptions from the amazon pharmacies.

So, this can be huge if there is a prescription that you need quickly. You can get it in two days for free with amazon prime. In addition to being a prime member, you will also experience some exclusive savings.


Amazon Prime Saving on Groceries


When it comes to shopping benefits of amazon prime you can save money on your groceries at whole foods who don’t want to save a little bit of money on their groceries.

There’s a little yellow tag on the shelf by the item to indicate which items are included in this deal to use this benefit. Download the whole foods app and connect it to your prime account at checkout the cashier will need to scan your QR code and then you will get the 10 discounts.

In addition to those yellow savings price tags, there are weekly offers and deals available exclusively to Prime members at whole foods.

So, some of those deals can be percentages of 30 or 40 off. These types of items or dollar off two dollars of three dollars of certain items throughout the store.

They do have deals that are exclusive to Prime members weekly. They change every single week, so be sure to check those out every week to see where you can save a little bit more money.

In addition, amazon prime has prime now which is a local service for delivering your groceries or picking up your food from a restaurant or any other type of product.

And they will deliver those items to you within two hours but this offer is not available in all cities currently. So be sure to check if your area has prime now and if it’s something that you think would benefit you should check it out.

benefits of amazon prime subscription on custome background


Those are most of the shopping benefits associated with having an amazon prime account comment down below and let me know if you already have a Prime account.


Now we are talking about the entertainment benefits of having an amazon prime account. Here is the list of amazon entertainment benefits:


Access To Thousands of Movies & TV Shows


The first entertainment benefit of having prime is that you can watch thousands of free movies and tv shows including amazon originals which only prime members have access to.

You already get all of those shopping benefits that we mentioned but you have these entertainment benefits included in your membership as well.


Amazon Prime Music Streaming Benefits


In addition to the movies and tv shows, you have some ad-free music streaming abilities as well. So, Amazon has an exclusive library with over 2million songs that you can listen to ad-free.

You also have access to get 2000 playlists that are commercial free and you’re able to listen to them offline included in your membership. All of those things are included for free but if you’re looking for more music for an additional cause you can get amazon music unlimited and that includes more than 50 million songs.

50 million songs that are a lot of music. If 2 million is not enough for you, you can get unlimited and have access to 50 million songs. The price does vary for non-prime members – prime members.

For those who have an amazon echo and echo dot or amazon tap, you’ll need to check their website for pricing based on your specific qualifications.


Amazon Prime Game


If you’re a gamer you can get free games and loot with prime gaming. So gamers get free games in-game items a free Twitch channel subscription every single month and more with prime gaming.

If you’re a gamer this may be enough to convince you that prime may be for you.


Amazon Primer Unlimited Books/ Magazines/ Comics


The next prime entertainment benefit revolves around reading. So prime members read for free. Well, it’s included in your membership. You can read as much as you want from thousands of books, magazines, comics, kindle singles, and more.

These things are from different authors and publications. There’s a wide variety of things that you can read. If you’re an avid reader or you love to read magazines this benefit is included in the membership.

Also including the membership is that you can get one free Kindle book per month. So that is an additional bonus if you are into getting kindle books.


Amazon Prime Cloud Storage


The last benefit is cloud storage. You get unlimited photo storage and up to five gigs of storage for videos and documents. And you can share this with up to five people.

This is extremely helpful if you’re constantly running out of space on your phone or your computer with all of your pictures and videos and things that you’ve downloaded.

This cloud storage is a solution for that like I said you can upload an unlimited amount of photos and share them with your family and your friends.

You don’t have to keep them stored and taking up space on your devices. This is just an added benefit of having a prime membership. Of course, there are other places that you can purchase additional stores.

You want to price compare does it make sense for you to use the storage that’s included in amazon prime or do you still need additional storage outside of those five gigs for video and documents that come with the prime membership.


The Big Question Is the Amazon Prime Membership Worth It?


I’d say if you use many of the benefits that I talked about above it’s definitely worth it. You can see substantial savings if you are not going to use the benefits that I listed.

If you don’t shop on Amazon frequently and don’t care about the free two-day shipping, it may not be the best investment for you. And you may want to look into something that is better suited for you and your family.


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