Top 10 Best Drugstore Primer for Oily Skin 2021

Today’s review is all about primers. I’ll be sharing with you the best affordable drugstore primer that is available on amazon. I share my favorites of the best drugstore primer for oily skin especially.

So, since I have been trying many primers from the drugstore. I thought that I could narrow it down to my top 10 favorites primer. If you are interested in the know all details about this best primer then keep reading till the end.

All of the primers that I have shared are mostly preferable for oily skin. However, I also have include done primer that will be good for both types of skin. So, without any further ado let’s just jump into the review –


Here The All Details About Best Drugstore Primer For Oily Skin

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser best drugstore primer for oily skin on sky blue background

1. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer

Some key points of Maybelline primer:

  • This Primer Minimizes Your Pores
  • the Skin Looking Matte and Smooth
  • Not Only for Oily Skin, This All-Skin Types
  • Makeup Will Be Long Lasting Using This Primer
  • Maybelline Has What You Need to Create Any Look

Global Customers Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (31686)

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Details Description:

This is a silicone-based primer and I love this. Because this fills out my pores and smooths out my skin to give it as it says a baby soft in an effect. I have been using this for almost two years now and I still go back to this.

This primer is very affordable and you can find it on amazon and I believe on any online page. This is definitely a must-have for those of you with oily skin & big and large pores.

Normally we just avoid the step of priming our skin before putting on foundation or makeup. But is very essential and very important to keep your skin primed before using any kind of makeup. If you do not use primer your makeup doesn’t last long or you just don’t get a flawless finish.

So that’s why using a primer is very important. Not just this one, you can use any other primer that is your favorite. My next favorite primer is in –

W7 Prime Magic Face Primer Makeup on garadian green background

2. W7 | Prime Magic Face Primer Makeup

Some key points of W7 prime magic:

  • W7 Prime Magic at an Affordable Price
  • Perfect for Dryness, Redness, and Dull Skin
  • A Silicone Primer That Applies Like Silk to the Skin
  • Prime Magic Is Vegan-Friendly and Free from Animal Testing
  • The Prime Magic Provides a Solid and Long-Lasting Makeup Look
  • A Silicone Primer That Applies Like Silk to the Skin Effective Makeup Base

Global Customers Rating: 4 out of 5 (4,789)

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Details Description:

This is also another silicon-based primer. It also gives a similar finish to the Maybelline one. It also closes your pores and helps to give you a smooth-out finish. This is very affordable I believe this is even cheaper than the Maybelline one.

And you also get a very huge quantity or amount of products will last you for a very long time. Again, as I was saying that I have oily skin and silicon-based primers work amazing for me.

So for my everyday use, I do not tend to go to high-end primers. I just definitely grab one of these and go finish of this primer is absolutely unbelievable. You will not believe once they apply that you have used such an affordable primer on your face.

My third favorite primer is –

Nyx Professional Makeup Angel Veil Skin Primer on gradiance background

3. Nyx Professional Makeup Angel Veil Skin Primer

Some Key Points of NYX Veil Primer:

  • Lightweight Skin Perfecting Primer
  • This Primer certified and acknowledged by PETA
  • Provide a Long-Lasting Makeup Whole Day
  • NYX Primer Best for Oily Skin


Global Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (1883)

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Details Description:

Now, this primer is actually oil-free. So, this works really well on oily skin. I would say if you have dry skin don’t go near this. Avoid it! Does genuinely not make you look shiny or oily. What I like about this primer, in particular, is that it almost gives your skin a soft blurring effect.

It kind of reminds me of the benefit of professionals. But just not as thick as this primer who works way too much I feel like this primer is really nice and moisturizing and really really soft.

It’s just got a really different kind of texture to it when you apply it. The only thing with this is that it does leave a slight white cast on your skin well particularly online. Even when you rub it in.

When you apply your foundation and your makeup on top, you can’t tell whatsoever like it doesn’t make a difference. I actually feel like this primer for a drugstore pry maat.

Really does do its job in helping your makeup last and keeping the oils at bay with your skin. So that is why I really like this primer.

L.A. Girl PRO Prep HD Primer for oily skin on green background

4. L.A. Girl PRO Prep HD Primer

Some Key Points of this L. A. Girl PRO HD Primer:

  • This Primer Very Lightweight and Easy to Apply
  • L.A. Girl PRO Primer Paraben and fragrance-free
  • Using L. A. Primer Get Softens skins and Enhances Makeup
  • The Primer Helps Makeup Stay on Longer

Global Customers Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (729)

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Details Description:

The HD series of LA girl is quite good as compared to the other primer. And I love this primer too. This gives your face a very smoothing effect, also creates a very beautiful base for your foundation to be applied on the only drawback is that.

This is very small this is just 15 ml sauce per. The price is concerned I would really prefer to go back to w7 in comparison to this one. This again is a silicone-based primer and you just need a little bit to cover your whole face.

My fourth favorite primer is as I was saying at the starting of this review is for both types of skin say for oily or dry or even combination skin
This is a former illuminating base primer

This is more like a liquid-based primer. This is available at all superstores or online stores like amazon. It is very easily available and why it’s very useful and very good? Because it has a pump on it. This one is very lightweight and you can apply it more like a moisturizer.

This will keep your skin hydrated. I mostly prefer to use this one on the days when I have dry skin or sometimes when I have the flaky or patchy type of skin. I prefer to use this one as a moisturizer. This also gives your skin a glow effect as it suggests eliminating base.

As per the lasting power, I would not say that this controls my oil because this is more like a liquidy and illuminating primer I would prefer to go for the silicone base or other primers in comparison to this one.

When I have to control my oil or as per the lasting power is concerned but for those of you with dry skin you would absolutely love this my fifth best drugstore primer for oily skin.

Milani Prime Shield Oil-Free Primer on blue gradiance background

5. Milani Prime Shield Oil-Free Primer


Some Key Points of Milani Primer:

  • This Primer Set Your Makeup Long Lasting
  • Reduce the Appearance of Pores and Prep Your Skin
  • Available in 2 Shades (light/medium or medium/dark)
  • The Lightweight, Vegan Formula Blends onto the Skin to Prime Your Face

Global Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (480)

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Details Description:

This says that it’s mattifying and pore-minimizing both at once. This has the perfect silicone effect to cover your pores and give it a smooth finish also at the same time.

This is very much mattifying and this gives your makeup long-lasting for a very long time. This is also oil-free which is a very good thing for those of you with oily skin.

One more good thing is that Milani also has another primer for those of you with dry skin but I prefer to use this one because this is the oil-free version.

So the next drugstore primer that I have is –

Kokie Smooth Glow Hydrating Face Primer on purple background

6. Kokie Smooth Glow Hydrating Face Primer

Some Key Points of Kokie Face Primer:

  • This Primer Is Totally Oil-Free
  • It Also Lightweight, Provide a Dewy & Healthy Complexion
  • Kokie Face primer Makes Makeup Smooth
  • You get This Primer at a Very Affordable Price

Global Customers Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (17)

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Details Description:

This is gonna be really more ideal for oily skin, dry skin people even combo skin. The Kokie Smooth Glow Primer hydrating foundation primer. It’s a translucent foundation primer that hydrates soothes perfects and evens out the appearance of flaws for a long-lasting healthy complexion.

I totally agree with that I love this primer. It is almost like a gel, as a moisturizer. So when you apply it, it just feels really creamy, really lightweight. It’s not as thick as a nighttime moisturizer or anything like that.

But it just makes everything look really smooth and it makes your skin look healthy and almost plump. When you apply your foundation over top, it just seeps into the skin so beautifully. It’s creamy and it goes on really really smoothly.

The next primer that I have is actually technically a moisturizer. This is the –

E.L.F. Glow Primer Stick Lightweight primer on blue background with design

7. E.L.F. Glow Primer Stick Lightweight

Some Key Ponts Of E.L.F. Glow Primer:

  • ELF Primer Gives Your Skin Instant Glow
  • Proud to Be 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, Worldwide
  • This Primer Provides Professional-Quality Products
  • Elf Glow Primer at Very Reasonable Price

Global Customers Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (1393)

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Details Description:

It has coconut and hyaluronic acid in it. So the reason I love this primer because I feel like this is a dupe for the Becca backlight priming filter. It is a little bit expensive. But still, it’s worth money trust me.

The best thing it has SPF in it. So it’s literally a win-win because you get to have really beautiful skin and it’s glowing. It’s protected from the Sun so this is just that it’s a glowy moisturizer.

But the thing is it doesn’t have any glitter particles or anything in it. It’s not sparkly. It just gives you really pretty radiance. You could even mix this in with your regular moisturizer as part of your skincare.

You can mix this primer (ELF Glow Moisturizer) with your BB cream or CC cream or underneath your foundation.

It’s so glowy, so beautiful and this doesn’t necessarily like make your makeup last longer or anything. Obviously, this is just some moisturizer but you could mix this in with other primers or just with your foundation.

This primer uses a lot of different skin types that could wear it, even if you have oily skin or combination skin. Because it’s not greasy, it’s not gonna make you excessively oily. It’s just gonna make your skin look really pretty.

The next primer is –

Catrice Prime & Fine Poreless Blur Primer on gradiance blue background with design

8. Catrice | Prime & Fine Poreless Blur Primer

Some Key Points of Cartrice Primer:

  • This Primer Helps Makeup Last Longer
  • The Light Mousse Primer Mattifies and Preps the Skin
  • Fine Poreless Blur Primer Gives an Instant Soft-Focus Effect
  • Catrice Primer Perfume-Free, Oil-Free, & Uses Sustainable Palm Oil
  • This Is Certified and Acknowledged by Peta as a Cruelty-Free Brand

Global Customers Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (1010)

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Details Description:

This one is specifically the goodbye pores. They have a ton of different primers for specific things. They have a redness one, they have a mattifying one but this one I truly believe, really works.

It fills in your pores, makes everything look super and smooth. It helps with oil control as well. So it says it’s a velvet smooth primer and with a soft-focus effect a green mixed pores and fine lines invisible.

Agree to use a loner under makeup for a long-lasting flawless finish. Totally agree with all the claims.

If you have large pores so definitely use this primer. It’s a little bit more lightweight. If you have super large pores, very very oily skin you will love this and also it makes your makeup last all day.

I also have another option for your oily skin boys and girls out there. So, this is the –

The next one the primer spray is –

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer on dark blue gradiance with design

9. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Some Key Points Of Rimmel Stay Matte Primer:

  • It’s Very Very an Affordable Price
  • A 2-In-1 Primer and Setting Spray Hybrid
  • Locks Your Makeup Look in Place All-Day
  • Can Be Applied Underneath or Over Your Makeup

Global Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (20,408)

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Details Description:

You absolutely need to get this. So, this is the stay matte fixing go-to and one primer and setting spray. This will mattify your skin beforehand and afterward as well.

So, this one is great and the Rimmel stays matte line if you have oily skin and you have not tried it then definitely try this primer once. It’s an affordable drugstore primer.

I want to talk about is a drugstore one and it’s the last one –

Catrice Prime & Fine Multitalent Spray on sky blue background

10. Catrice Prime & Fine Multitalent Spray

Some Key Points of This Prime:

  • The Primer Makes Your Makeup All Day Long
  • Catrice Primer Smells Oh So Good and It Is Refreshing
  • This primer Totally Budget-Friendly
  • Absolutely Perfect for Oily Skin

Global Customers Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (344)

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Details Description:

This is like one product that prepares the skin improves makeup wear refreshes complexion. This smells absolutely amazing. It kind of smells like a hair product. It’s just a great primer spray.


Importance of primer in makeup and why necessary for your skin

A primer is there to do a couple of things – one of them is to protect your skin from any of the outside stuff coming in to attack. You know we have things like pollution other stuff. That’s gonna get into your skin dull.

So a primer is gonna kind of act as a shield to your skin before you put your foundation on. I also feel like a primer its main kind of role is to help your makeup. The last role of the primer is to help your makeup. Also, it’s gonna increase the longevity of your foundation and just in general the makeup on your face.

it’s gonna help it stays put because it’s going to give the foundation something to stick to as a base. You know it’s like painting a wall. You don’t just go in straight with paint.

You primed the walls first and then you go with the paint. So it’s a similar kind of vibe. I also feel like primers are there to kind of help with any kind of skin concerns before you apply your foundation.

So if you have oily skin, and you don’t want to go straight with your foundation, you can go in with a mattifying primer. It can help balance out kind of your skin issues. And then you can go with whatever foundation you want to go in with.

Or if you have dry skin, you going with a hydrating primer, going with whatever foundation you know. So that’s basically what a primer is going to do. These ones I genuinely feel like they do something and they make a difference to my skin.

They make a difference to my makeup and that’s why I’m gonna tell you all about them.

So, first things in terms of my skin type, I do have oily skin. And this all primer set my oily skin very well.



3 Reasons Why We Should Use a Primer Before Makeup


Now we’re gonna be talking about the top 5 reasons why you should be wearing makeup primer. So, I think there’s a lot of reasons why you should wear primer.


1. The first reason is that it works great to fill in all your pores all your scars and all of the fine lines. So, imagine a piece of dirt with a hole. The hole is going to represent your pore. Now if you put moisturizer and then foundation.

You’re just gonna be filling up the pore with your foundation. So that would mean that you would have a nice clump. So, what the primer does is that it fills in this whole area. Where you have your poor, your hole, your scars and it gives you a nice smooth surface area to work with for your foundation.

So, you got a hole in the wall from a picture and you put some product in there. And then you paint that’s exactly what primer does and so that’s why it’s really important to a primer.

Because it gives you that soft diffused, flawless makeup look.


2. The second reason is that primer helps your foundation last longer. I don’t know about you guys but when I put foundation on right after moisturizer it starts to fade and it goes away in a couple of hours.

So what primer does is that it sticks hold on to that foundation and it doesn’t go anywhere all day long. So imagine with your skin, you have all this oil that’s trying to push up and if you have your foundation, it’s just gonna seep right into your foundation.

But if you have a primer it’s gonna act like a seal. So here’s your skin the seal and then the foundation and that’s why your foundation lasts longer.


3. The third thing is that your pores are diminished and softer same with fine lines. Because again you’re filling in all these are and so that the foundation doesn’t just sit inside of your pore and filling up.

Then making it very obvious that you have either large pores or it even helps amplify your pores. For example – I have a lot of blackheads on my nose when I take them out if I start putting on foundation.

I’ll have the nicest foundation and then a whole bunch of little spots where the foundation has built-in all of my pores. So that’s why I need that primer to fill it in.

So that I have a smooth application with the foundation. It all works hand in hand with the primer. That’s why it’s really important. This would be one of the important ones for me is that my primer has an SPF of 50.

I could just throw my moisturizer on my primer. If you put a primer that’s gonna help fill in all of those ridges and fine lines. Then the last one is your foundation you’ll use less foundation because you’re not trying to fill in all the holes with your foundation.

All the pores, all the fine lines the scarring, you have your primer to fill it in and then you have your nice smooth small layer of foundation. So that’s what gets cakey and you get the creasing.

So there you have it the five big reasons why you should wear a primer and I already share above about the top 10 drugstore primers.


I hope you guys found this review helpful and shared the top best drugstore primer, especially for oily skin. I try to include products that are easily available. These reviews I thought would be helpful for you all.

I hope you guys found this helpful and if you have any queries or know to know about those products let me know in the comment section below. Also, make sure you are connected with us on all of the social media.

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