Top 10 Best WordPress Directory Theme For Your Business

Today we are making our review on the top 10 best WordPress directory themes. So, if you are finding the WordPress directory theme for your business listing website then this review will help you for sure. We have researched to find the best directory theme and then share the lists. 

After reading our full review you will find your most directory business listing WordPress theme for your business.

If you take any one of these directory themes for your business listing website from the list given by us, we can guarantee you that you will be benefited.

And our research team researched and analyzed (user experience base) all the themes given below. So, we gave the ratings and serials that we thought are the best. Hope you get the desired theme.

So Let’s began…………


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Get The Top Listed WordPress Directory Theme For Your Business 

1. Listify – Directory WordPress Theme

top 10 best WordPress directory theme review by with details
I know you’ve searched the directory theme many times before. But did not get the desired theme. But this may be your last search. Because with Listify you can have more than you need. Below I give a short-cut review of this theme.

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name Listfy
Price $69
Created 26 November 14
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities Unlimited websites with 100% GPL, Quick & Easy Setup, Free Updates, Lots of Features
Rating 9/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Here are the Powerful Features of Listfy Theme

  • Wocommerce
  • Gravity Forms
  • WooCommerce Product Vendors
  • NinjaForms
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension
  • Contact Form 7
  • WooCommerce Bookings Extension
  • FacetWP
  • WooCommerce Payment Gateway Extensions

[Note: To be clear, the theme is not bundled with these plugins. You need to download them yourself (and some may need to purchase them)


How You Can Make Money with Listify?

Before we decide if this is still the best theme, let’s highlight some other ways you can make money with this directory theme.

We have already indicated that you can charge for any of the following:

  • Interview record
  • Add a list
  • See a list
  • Site access
  • Save
  • Claim a list

However, we have moved further to support ad space. So even if you don’t want to take money for anything else, you can still earn advertising revenue. Listify is a combination of beauty, functionality, and comfort.

It’s more than just a beautiful theme. It is more than just an effective activity –

  • Search a list by any location or pin code
  • Let them share or view a list of their social media sites
  • Submit without logging in to the admin interface
  • Let them see all the local list maps
  • Save a list of them with our bookmark support

And it’s on top of the already mentioned features and integrations like WooCommerce Booking, Reserve, Open Table. Create your dream with a directory site!

2. ListingPro – WordPress Directory Theme

ListingPro - WordPress Directory Theme review by bestreviewever
Their latest release includes many new amazing features and improvements with Element, built-in appointment bookings, events calendar, directory admin dashboard. It ranks second on our list.

In this directory theme, you will find many interesting and user-friendly features. This is one of the number 1 selling directory themes. So, let’s take a look at its reviews –

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name ListingPro
Price $69
Created 26 November 14
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities Quick & Easy Setup, Free Updates, Lots of Powerful Features, and much more…
Rating 8.5/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Here Are the Powerful Features Of this Theme

Next-gen IntelliSense based archived search system

  • Instant auto-suggestion or more
  • Auto-Locate (GEO) with GPS/IP
  • Location by Admin or Google
  • Exact or Broad Match Mode

Auto-Location and searching options are really working smoothly. Whereas other themes not taking smooth behaviors while searching.

Advance Search Filter to quickly narrow for best results

  • Filter by a category, Price, Open Now
  • Additional Filters (Custom Fields)
  • Listing Features (Amenities)
  • Near Me (Distance Radius)

Search filter options are really awesome. You have everything. You need to get narrow down your search results fast and smoothly.

Pricing Plans that gives ultimate flexibility to monetize

  • Control Features by Free / Paid Plan
  • One-Time / Recurring Subscription
  • Allow to Pay Monthly /Yearly
  • Offer Coupon to Join

Amazing Theme! Includes many cool features all built-in and integrated into the theme itself. The best part is that they all work together. The best money You have ever spent on a Theme!

From builders (Drag & Drop) to create custom listing forms

  • Advanced FES Forms builder
  • Lead Form Builder (users)
  • Contact Form with WP forms
  • Lead Form Builder (admin)

RATING – Have the user leave a rating and reviews the way you want

  • Advanced Multi-Criteria Rating
  • Emotion Ratings
  • Category based multi-criteria
  • Review Reaction

INBOX – Internal Messaging System to Communicate with Leads

  • New Message Indicator (Red Dot)
  • Send Leads to Inbox or Email
  • Lead profile Info
  • Custom Lead Forms

BOOKING – Appointment booking that is super intuitive

  • Easy one-click setup for admin
  • Adjust booking slot duration
  • Switch calendar or list view
  • Admin Calendar View

This is a killer best WordPress directory theme! Amazing features no one can beat. I must say, I never expected such quality on a theme.

EVENTS – Events Management (EMS) with Calendar view and beyond

  • Events Calendar (Multiple styles)
  • Calendar with List or map views
  • Event listing details page
  • Add tickets (external URL)

MENU – Itemize beautifully any list of Food, Services, & Beyond

  • Organize into Types & Groups
  • Online Food delivery
  • Images, Sale Price & Button
  • Set Spice Level

Like many others, the MENU feature is a powerful & updated one. Initially, it appeared only for restaurants but quickly learned that It can be used to list anything including people or catalogs.

CLAIM – Free or Paid claim to verify listing ownership

  • Paid Claim with pricing plans
  • Free Claim & Verify listing
  • Lead Form for Claimed (optional)
  • Admin moderates all claims

The paid claim gives another option to monetize your directory business. Many more now enable lead forms only for business listing which are claimed.

3. DirectoryPRO – WordPress Directory Theme

directoryPRO - WordPress Directory Theme review by bestreviewever with details theme information
Directory PR WordPress Theme is a completely new design of a directory + WordPress theme. This is basically the third generation of our directory themes.

The theme works perfectly with OpenStreetMap and has been translated into more than 26 languages. The theme powers thousands of directory websites worldwide.

Extension package plugins are not included in the directory WordPress theme. Yes – generic multi-purpose themes are expensive for themes and plugins, but you are not just buying a WordPress directory theme. You are buying yourself a fully functional and proven online directory business.


So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name DirectoryPRO
Price $69
Created 30 January 13
High Resolution NO
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities Fully Responsive layout, Great Special Features, 30+ Page Builder, SEO Tools, and much more…
Rating 8/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Absolutely Unique Features of DirectoryPRO Theme

  • Drag and drop the page creator
  • Fully responsive design
  • Google fonts
  • SEO tools
  • Megamenu
  • More than 30 elements to create your website
  • Sidebar manager
  • Front registration for guests
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Ability to get a pointer to the map from the address
  • Guests can manage their own lists
  • Wide / narrow layout style
  • The administrator can define the package and set the price
  • Listed by location or category
  • Ad space
  • Contact form in the list of the details page
  • List sorting
  • Featured items
  • Easily Backup all your admin and data settings
  • Integration of Google Analytics and Google Maps
  • Widgets sidebar and footer ready
  • Image and template cache for better performance
  • Automatic theme updates
  • Custom CSS fields for your own style
  • The theme is built on our powerful MVC framework which means HTML design is complete
  • And many more.

4. MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

myListing - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme review by bestreviewever
MyListing is a directory and listing WordPress theme that gives you the tools to create directory sites sometimes before. MyListing pages are created using the powerful front-end page builder, Element.

All 50+ components are drag and drop and easy to use and customize. Of course, no coding is required.

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name MyListing
Price $59
Created 17 October 17
High Resolution NO
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities Unlimited listing type, Elementor, Woocommerce, Fully Responsive, and much more…
Rating 7.5/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Here Are the Powerful Features Of MyListing Theme

  • More than 50 element widgets ready to use
  • Advanced Listing Type Builder
  • Powerful search facet editor, unique for each list type
  • Timekit and contact form 7
  • Review list.
  • Bookmark list.
  • List rating.
  • The shortcode generator can easily use the interface
  • More than 2000 icons
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Custom Google Maps marker
  • Background images are parallax
  • Background video
  • Owl Carousel
  • PhotoSwipe
  • Custom scrollbars
  • Single click demo import
  • Customize the title
  • Custom, multiple lists are possible for each tab

Earn Money with Best Directory WordPress Theme – MyListing

Make money by monetizing listing submission, as well as allowing users to promote their listings –


  • Paid Listing

Monetize add listing submission

Hire or show fields based on package

Unique package for each listing type

Claim listing monetization


  • Promoted Listing

Allow users to sell promotional packages and bring them to the top of the list

Each promotional package may have different priorities for search results.


5. LISTABLE – A Friendly WordPress Directory Theme

LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme review by bestreviewever
The list is a list of the best WordPress directory themes to help you manage, create, and monetize global or local directory sites. Feel free to set your own goals and list your favorite places online!

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Price $85
Created 16 November 15
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities Quick & Easy Setup, Free Updates, Lots of Powerful Features, and much more…
Rating 7/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Most Powerful Features of Listable Theme

  • Flexible – Simple on the surface powerful under the hood

Listable is simple and easy to use on the surface, but its robust list card system has everything you need to make your plan work. Consider that each listing can be anything from a place or event to an activity (services).

  • Extensible – Designed to suit your specific needs

The features listed will never overwhelm you. For more functionality, they are providing free plugins that you can install. It’s a way for everyone to offer more without the clutter

Monetization – Make money from your site

Go further and make money from your website! You can charge for submitting a listing or charge a fee for a reservation or service provided through your website.

Thanks to the support of the famous WooCommerce and the relentless integration of their expansion, there are countless ways to monetize.

The WooCommerce extension allows you to charge for many other things such as making a reservation or allowing sellers to sell through your website and earn commissions.

[Note: The theme will not be bundled with any of those plugins]


  • Style Presets – Personalize to Match your Style

Choose one of the beautifully designed styles presets or create your own style by changing the font or color and everything will be directly reflected on you for a better and faster decision.

Personalize the presence and functionality of your site without any coding skills or developer requirements.

  • Easy Layout Control – Fully Widget zed Front Page & Single Listing

Switch or add any element from the sidebar – the content of the single listing page layout. Do you want the Map above the content? Just Drag & Drop and the map will automatically adapt to the new layout.

Customize your Frontpage and Listing Layout with a live Drag & Drop interface.

  • FacetWP – Advanced Filtering System

If you are looking for an advanced filtering and search system for your listing, look no further as they have the solution. They have partnered with Matt Gibbs, author of the Facet WP Plugin (sold separately), to offer seamless integration with Listable.

  • Drag & Drop Page Builders

For more freedom in designing your pages, They have tested the most famous Page Builder plugins to make sure that they are working flawlessly with Listable. For example –

Visual Composer, BeaverBuilder, SiteOrigin, moto press, and more…


6. Javo – Directory WordPress Theme

javo Directory WordPress Theme review by bestreviewever
Javo Directory is the most customizable directory theme. It is the most advanced and easiest theme. If you choose this for your business then it is also a top rating theme. It’s one of the best directory WordPress themes.

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name Javo Directory
Price $49
Created 8 August 14
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities SEO Friendly, WooCommerce, Responsive, Unlimited Color, and much more…
Rating 7/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Most Powerful Features of Javo Directory

  • Customize Your Site in Real-Time

Javo Theme is compatible with Elementor page builder You can have your site created by a real-time live page builder. It’s almost all you can control by live (real-time) builders.

  • No More Fixed templates

Most of the themes are fixed templates including their old themes. However, It’s not fixed templates anymore. You can reorder, add, remove each feature. Also, It has 100+ prebuild templets, blocks, and javo elements.

  • 1 Click Import Demo Data

You can easily import all the demo data, including the 1-click wizard. It takes a few minutes. There is also a checklist after import. You will verify all settings using your checklist.

  • Basic Addons Included(event)

Javo is a rich theme with many options. But there are addons for better options. Popular and necessary addons will be included by Free Coupons.

  • Listing Detail Page
    You can easily drag and drop and customize. Drag and change the color, layout, meta, typo, and position of each section.
  • Map and List Style
    You can customize the map page by drag & drop. Change the position of the map and filters. List first or Map first. Change module or Map colors…etc
  • Block and Card Module

You can easily add blocks in nine places of your choice: list blocks, section blocks, post blocks, etc. You can use the page block widget to add blocks to desired locations. It even filters by category or category.

7. Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

business Finder Directory Listing WordPress Theme review by bestreviewever
BusinessFinder+ gives you even more smart ways to Create your own business. They have built this theme with the most desired features and pushed it even further.

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name Business Finder
Price $69
Created 26 August 13
High Resolution No
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities Great Special Features, Fully Responsive Layout, SEO Friendly, and much more…
Rating 6.5/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Most Powerful Features of Business Finder

  • Page Builder

They kept the WordPress theme year after year and put what they learned in their themes. There you will find everything you need for your personal or business website. Simple and elegant administration with which anyone can work.

  • Multilingual Ready

AIT Languages plugin has 26 language translations of frontend and backend. Just fill in content in your language and it is done. Create a multilingual website. No need for theme translation or other plugins.

  • As Easy as Drag & Drop

Drag the available items to your page with the right drop. Create your content and adjust the height of the sidebars. Everything from one place.

  • WooCommerce Support
    Create an online shop in seconds. Build an attractive online shop, Choose between hundreds of awesome WooCommerce plugins you will love.
  • ECWID Store Support

Start selling your products with Ecwid everywhere. Now, with the Ecwid Shopping Cart plugin, you are able to embed your store in your WordPress website with a style!

  • SEO Ready

All basic SEO options are available through Page Builder from scratch. Both the code and the design are optimized for search engines.

  • 1 Minute Setup

Load their demo content and all settings including the slider in just one click. Setting up your site may not be easy or fast.

  • Focus on Security
    The AIT framework was created considering best practices for protection. You can believe in the originality and permanence of faith.

8. Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Directory Multi-purpose WordPress Theme review by bestreviewever
The Multi-purpose Directory WordPress Theme is an absolutely unique premium WordPress theme. It receives constant feedback from its hardworking development team and users and buyers. This theme is built in collaboration with you!

Your users will never have access to the WordPress dashboard, everything is done at the front-end. Without looking at the WordPress dashboard, you can choose from front-end registration, login, edit your profile, submit the list, and filtering and search results. It is one of the best WordPress directory themes.

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name Directory
Price $69
Created 9 March 15
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities Free+ paid to list, membership Packages, Easy setup, Draw on a map, and much more…
Rating 6/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Powerful Features of The Best WordPress Directory Theme

  • Fully Responsive

Directory list WordPress Themes. Fully responsive by Chip Studio and adapts to all devices. It has the best responsive slider that works easily on mobile and tablets.

The Chimp Studio directory-listed theme design is a dedicated mobile design that looks perfect on your mobile device.

  • Unlimited Directory Types

Do you have a specific item or do you have a large number of them? WordPress directory themes are one of them or a selling point for them.

It offers unlimited directory types. Add as you like. A complete package for the perfect display of online business.

  • Featured Paid and Free Listings

The Directory WordPress Theme offering doesn’t stop you from adding unlimited categories, but it’s much more than that. Free and paid features can be added to the list.

If there is no free list to add, you can charge users and add value to your business. The directory is not a versatile topic, but it is really effective for your personal business.

  • Charge Fees for submissions

Directory List A unique feature that comes with the WordPress theme is the site registrar that can submit your articles to multiple lists.

You can easily earn your business income by charging a fee compared to your business deposit. Keep the directory topics and add them to your business.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

The directory theme comes with four payment options. PayPal, Money Bookers Skrill, Authorized Dot Net, and bank transfer. More to come. You can load any payment gateway easily and with very few clicks.

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

Have you noticed that when Google returns searches, it sometimes gives a rating next to the list, and other times it doesn’t?

They have coded the best WordPress directory theme. From the beginning is to create a search engine. It provides URLs that are great for search engines and will always appear correctly. Google will love you and your potential customers.

  • 650+ Google Fonts

The world is moving fast in terms of design and configuration. WordPress theme directory. There are over 650 Google fonts that you can choose from for your site. If the old date and traditional themes bother you, just do it.

Directory list topics. And enjoy amazing Google fonts where the text is set for your favorite font

  • WPML Ready

All users in the world need a local language. This theme can be translated into any language of your choice from the backend option or from the WPML plugin

  • Unlimited Sidebars

A useful module when, for example, you want to add multiple sidebars to one page or different sidebars of different pages. This brings another level of customization freedom to your website.

9. Wilcity – Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Wilcity Directory Listing WordPress Theme review by bestreviewever

Wilcity is a highly customizable Listing and Directory WordPress theme that helps you build any type of directory easy and fast. It is the best WordPress directory theme. No doubt it comes to a lot of features and facilities. Wilcity is a top rating WordPress directory theme.

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name WilCity
Price $69
Created 25 July 18
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities WooCommerce, Dokan, Easy Setup, SEO Optimized, and much more…
Rating 6/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

Best WordPress Directory Theme Features – WilCity

  • Add Directory Types
    With Wilcity you can add unlimited directory types to your site and easily customize directory slugs, directory names, directory colors, and directory icons …
  • Advanced Rating and Reviews
    You can easily enable/disable the review function. Specifically, you can add multiple rating categories yourself.
  • Design Single Listing Page
    As an administrator, you can design single text and which section you want to display in the sidebar of the single list. Plus, list owners can inherit their design and redesign it their way.
  • Page Builder
    Compatible with WillCity King Composer (free drag and drop page creator) and Element page creator. He will soon be playing with a visual composer.
  • Payment Gateway
    By default, Willow Submission: support for 3 payment gateways through PayPal. Strip and direct bank transfer. However, you can integrate WooCommerce into WillCity.

This means that the customer will buy a listing plan/promotion plan/claim listing through WooCommerce instead of arbitrarily submitting it, the plan will now be understood as a product.

How can You make money with WilCity?

  • Paid Listing
    This is a list, great monetization of directory websites. Listed owners will pay for their presence on your site. At WillCity you can create unlimited quality plans, each with its own unique benefits.
  • Promoted Listing
    When choosing a promotion plan, the listed owner’s directories will appear at the top of your site in specific searches or on the search results page.
  • Paid Claim Listing
    Another revenue model for monetizing the list. You create a list on your site and allow the business owner to claim it.

10. PointFinder | Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

PointFinder Directory & Listing WordPress Theme review by bestreviewever
The Point Finder Directory Theme was designed to allow you to create directory and website lists as you like. You can create your own customizable fields and search system in minutes.

Point Finder gives you a lot of control over Google Maps and is unique with its superior features.

So, let’s take a look at its reviews:

Theme Name PointFinder
Price $69
Created 7 March 15
High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Facilities Membership & Pay Per Post, Customizable Review System, Powerful & Flexible Theme Option, and much more…
Rating 6/10
Want To Buy? Get The Theme Here 

PointFiner – Best WordPress Directory Theme Features

  • Responsive Layout
    Point Finder is fully mobile compatible and can be run on any device as it is fully compatible with iOS, Android, and other smartphone systems.
  • Customizable Item Details
    Point Finder allows you to create your desired information in the description of your article. You can create rich content with a click-and-drag function without relying on predefined fields and without writing a single line of code.
  • Custom Widgets
    We have special widgets so you can list the latest articles or featured articles. You can easily search the page or add your tweets from Twitter.
  • Advanced Theme OptionsWhen designing a point finder, we put together a panel of options that you can use to customize every detail and you can use it to check all the points on your website. With detailed panel documentation, you can solve all your questions and problems.
  • WPML Support
    Point Finder allows you to use your website with multiple language options to support your WPML.

As you can see from the online help documentation, you can easily translate all the words on your website into any language of your choice.

  • Order Tracking System
    Point Finder monitors every money you earn and presents you with a detailed report. Your users can pay for any item uploaded to their systems and track processes.
  • Quick Setup
    You can edit your theme settings in minutes. Also, you can choose any of our demo websites and create one by one.

Here are the top 10 best WordPress directory theme lists. Feel free to choose any one of these top 10 themes for your business.

Thank you so much for reading with so much patience. On this website, I have reviews of different types of WordPress themes and a lot of business helping-type software. You can see my other articles if you want.


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