How to Backup and Restore Full Website on WordPress Very Easily

Are you thinking about how to backup a website on WordPress for free? No more thinking. Today we will learn how you can easily backup and restore your full WordPress website. And that’s in a completely free method.

Many people have to lose their websites due to not having a website backup. So, it is very important to keep a backup of the website. There are many paid plugins for backing up websites.

But with the plugin that I will introduce today, you will get many features for free. So, you don’t have to buy any paid plugins.

So, let’s find out the solution and learn step by step, how to backup a website on WordPress –

What Is Website Backup?

By website backup, we mean a copy of the complete data of any website. Everything you have on your website, from the logo to the entire website data is a separate copy.

Website backup files are basically images, videos, audios, databases, plugins, themes, etc. These are the main files in your backup.

Why Website Backup Is Important?

The main reason why you should keep a backup of your website is that all the data on the website will be safe. If for some reason your website has a problem and your website files are lost, you can recover your website from the files you have backed up.

Also, if your website is attacked by malware, then backing up files is very helpful. It will not a problem for you if you have a backup file. And so, it is very important to keep a backup for your website. I think it should have a backup plan for your entire website.

We will discuss step by step how to backup your website for free through WordPress.

Here is The Best Backup Plugin for WordPress?

There is a total of more than 54,000 plugins in WordPress at the time I am writing this article. There are so many backup plugins in such a huge save plugin. Some of them are free of cost and some are paid. You can use the plugin that I will introduce today totally for free.

This plugin will keep the backup of your entire website automatic. You only need to set it up once. With this plugin, you can easily restore your backup files.

The name of the plugin is – UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

To get the plugin, go to the Add New plugin from your WordPress dashboard and search for the plugin by typing updraft. Below is a picture of the plugin.


A Full of Guideline – How to Backup Website on WordPress

After activating the UpdraftPlus Backup / Restore plugin, go directly to the settings option of the plugin. Do not change any other option.

Go to Settings => File’s backup schedule => weekly => retain this many scheduled backups => (2).

Database backup schedule => Daily => retain this many scheduled backups => (2)


See the picture for better understanding:

how to backup website on wordpress - updraft backup plugin settings picture by bestreviewever

The next step is where you want to store your backup files. Look at the picture below, there are many storage options. You will select any one of your convenience to keep your backup files.

how to restore website on wordpress with google drive

I think Google Drive will be the best. Because it’s free and easy.

After that you will see below there is an option called Include in files backup thereby ticking all the boxes. I have also shown it with the picture below:

updraftplus wordpress backup plugin with settings setup by bestreviewever

You will do the settings in the same way as I have shown the settings. Do not make any changes. You may be wrong and will not be backed up properly.

So, if necessary, revisit the pictures and make the settings exactly as I said:

If everything goes well, you will see below there is an option called Save Change. Click on it the Save Change button.


How to Backup WordPress Site to Google Drive?

With the name of the plugin I mentioned, you can keep your backups in your Google Drive. This plugin has many storage options, one of which is Google Drive.

We all know that up to 15 GB of free data can be stored in Google Drive. And I think this free space is enough to back up your website.


How to Backup the WordPress Site to Google Drive?

First, you need to connect your Google Drive with the UpdraftPlus Backup / Restore plugin. To link, go to settings and select Google Drive from the storage options. After selecting Google Drive, a pop-up will appear in front of you. There you will need permission to link up the UpdraftPlus plugin with Google Drive. You have to allow by clicking on the allow option.

When you have a link-up with Google Driver, select the folder in which you want to keep your backup files.

When all the work is completed, you can actually see in the settings option of the plugin that the plugin is connected with your Google driver.

Also, with this plugin, you can keep your files using other storage. For example Google Cloud, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, and many other storage options. Using this plugin, you can easily keep a backup of your WordPress website.


How to Restore WordPress Website from Backup?

Above we saw how to backup a WordPress website. Now we will see how to restore backed-up files.

To do this you must first go to the UpdraftPlus plugin. You can see the backup/restore option there. You can see by scrolling down a bit – Rescan remote storage option.

Backup/Restore => Rescan remote storage
best free wordpress backup plugin details by bestreviewever

After clicking there, you can see many files below. Restore the backup that contains the database, plugins, themes, uploads, and others. After seeing the last date of the backup of your website, then restore. Then the updated database will be restored.

I have explained it with the picture below for your convenience:

restore wordpress site to previous date with uodraft backup plugin

One thing to keep in mind is that files that do not contain databases, plugins, themes, uploads, and others may be missing from the restore. So, you must keep 2 things in mind –

  • Check the updated date of the backup that you will restore. That means you will see the last backup date.
  • The file you want to restore contains 5 things – databases, plugins, themes, uploads, and others.


If you restore with the above 2 things in mind then you can restore your website properly and no data will be lost.


Do You Need an Automatic Backup for Your Website?

Of course, your website needs to be backed up automatically. The plugin mentioned above allows you to automatically backup your website. If you follow the settings that I have shown, your backup file will be automatically stored in your specified storage. You do not have to do anything manually.

But if you can’t do the things, I showed you, then your entire website will not be backed up properly.

Why should you keep an automatic backup on your website?

Websites can crash for any reason or your website can be hacked by hackers. If you don’t have automatic backup turned on, you won’t know when your website will have a problem. So automatic backup must be kept. This is much more important for your website.

The plugin I am talking about allows you to have automatic backups. You do not have to do anything manually.

So, you must have an automatic backup to ensure the highest security of your website.



I have tried to give you a complete guideline on how to backup the website on WordPress. The plugin I’m talking about this is the best backup plugin I’ve ever seen.

Because with this plugin you can use many features for free. Which many plugins provide in a paid way. But with the UpdraftPlus Backup plugin I mentioned, you can use all the great features, including automatic backups for free.

I have shown through this article how to backup a website on WordPress. You can easily backup your website by following my tips.

If you have trouble understanding something you can let me know by commenting below, I will definitely help you.

If you find the article informative, you must share it with your friends by pressing the share button.

Thank you so much for being patient for so long. I have published many informative articles on my website. You can see my other articles. Hope you find it useful.

Some FAQ:

  • Is Website Backup Necessary?
    Yes, this ensures the security of your website.
  • Do I Need to Pay for Website Backup?
    You can also use the plugin I am talking about for free. You can backup the entire website with all the features that are in their free plan.
  • How to Automate WordPress Website Backup?
    I have discussed this topic extensively above.
  • Do I Need Automatic Backup for My Website?
    Of course, automatic backups are mandatory for your websites.

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