Best And Cheap Acrylic Makeup Organizer on Amazon and its a article thumblain
Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer on blue background by bestreviewever
Best And Cheap Acrylic Makeup Organizer on Amazon and its a article thumblain
  1. Best And Cheap Acrylic Makeup Organizer on Amazon and its a article thumblain
  2. Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer on blue background by bestreviewever
  3. Best And Cheap Acrylic Makeup Organizer on Amazon and its a article thumblain

Best And Cheap Acrylic Makeup Organizer on Amazon 2021

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Quick Summary:

Are you struggling to find a way to organize your makeup? Well in this review I'm gonna tell you an amazon makeup organizer which costs less than 15 pounds.

We are going to be reviewing this cheap acrylic makeup organizer. Now this costs just super cheap and promises to organize your vanity. So, it looks neat and beautiful.

In today's review, we will know about this Clear Cosmetic Organizer. So, let’s start –

  • Keep all your cosmetics In one place
  • Simplify your daily essential items
  • Classic design of this makeup box
  • Organizer has compartments of various sizes
  • The makeup organizer can be appreciated at any age
  • This makeup box not for Very big items
  • Drawers Space little bit small

Details Description About the Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer –

This makeup storage box looks very nice. And I explain everything about this organizer in in-depth detail. So, how many parts of this acrylic Clear Cosmetic Organizer?

It has two parts – upper & bottom

In the top part, you have little slots for your lipsticks, a little tall slot at the back which is quite small, a couple of taller slots at the back which look like they are for makeup brushes.

This organizer has also a drawer system. So with the drawer set, you’ve got two little top drawers but they are a little bit shallow. So you’ll see how that goes whenever you try and put makeup into them.

They also have a small bit of black material inside each of the drawers which I think is just to help prevent anything sliding around all over the place. If you’ve got a lot of liquid lipsticks or something like that in there and so that you can remove or you can keep in depending on what you actually prefer.

Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer on blue background by bestreviewever

And what you end up using each of the drawers for but as I said the drawers are a relatively good size. The length is 24 centimeters, the width is 16 and it’s 19 centimeters in height and the weight of it is 1.42 kilograms. This makeup organizer you can set most of the lipsticks fit quite well. It actually looks really nice once all your lipsticks are in it.


It doesn’t hold that many brushes so this would really just be for your favorite brushes that you reach for every day to put in that. And you can fit sort of about three or four face brushes and then more eye shadow brushes in that.

But you could always put eyeshadow pencils or lip liners or something in there as well. So as for the bigger section, immediately tried to put in the powder because that is the biggest makeup on anyone.

If you use regularly of your foundation, concealer, and some cream products that you use really regularly and this type of makeup products you can easily fit this makeup organizer.

Well, as for the drawers I very quickly realized with these drawers that you cannot put big eyeshadow palettes in here. You can put a sort of smaller ones like your urban decay, naked eyeshadow palettes, and similar sized ones in.

But that’s about it and you can’t really stack pellets on top of each other in these drawers. Because the drawer is not going to close if you are looking for a way to store your eyeshadow palettes.

I recommend going for one of the short palettes. But these makeup box organizer is a great way to store your palettes. You can store your big palettes on the big drawers.

Why I love this makeup box storage?

In the bigger drawers, I decided to just flat lay some of my powders bronzers and blushes and they fitted really nicely in there as for the smaller drawers.

I started out with some lip glosses and some liquid lipsticks. The drawers are pretty deep but I did try to put eyeliner in there. And it didn’t fit. So I would stick to the main sort of your lip products for the smaller drawers.

Okay so this is what it turned out like and this is it sitting on my vanity. Yeah, overall it’s not the biggest makeup organizer I have ever seen. But it does fit a lot more than I initially thought.

It would on first looking at it fit a lot of the bigger products in the top section a lot better than I thought. It fits brushes really nicely and it has enough room.


What I am not Like about this makeup storage?

My main issue is that these acrylic makeup box drawers are not so deep. So, you do have to be careful about what you can actually put in them. But overall, I would say that this is a really beautiful organizer.

It’s pretty sturdy and it feels like it’s pretty good quality as well. But I definitely think this is worth your money. If you need something which is relatively small that can hold your makeup.

So here is all about the makeup organizer review. If you like this then you can buy it. It is available on amazon. And the best part – it’s a very affordable makeup organizer. If you have any queries about this review, please let me know about the comment section.

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