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best body lotion for aging crepey skin
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Best Body Lotion for Aging Crepey Skin 2021

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Hi everyone, today in this review, I share the best body lotion for aging crepey skin for over 25s. Also, I have been sharing my opinion on this product some information about how to improve your crepey skin, and everything you need to know.


I wanted to share with you the best way that I have found to get rid of crepey body skin and crepey skin can be caused by several different factors. Hope this review helps you to solve your crepey skin problem and you find the best body lotion for aging skin.

  • Repair your aging crepey skin
  • All skin type use this body lotion
  • Remove your all dead cells & improve skin
  • Make your skin super soft & younger
  • I can not find any

Full Details Description About This Best Body Lotion For Aging Crepey Skin

There are lots of reasons to get skin crepey. It can be caused by aging and other factors such as – sun damage which leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin within our skin and can cause our skin to look thin loose wrinkled and crepey.

The key to improving crepey body skin is to increase cell turnover and remove those dead skin cells off the surface of your skin. To improve the skin texture and you can do this through chemical exfoliants and also through physical exfoliants.

So I’ll just share with you the products that I’ve been doing the last several months. That has really improved the tone and texture of my body’s skin making. It looks so smooth and healthy.


Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion for Aging Skin

best body lotion for aging crepey skin

There is a brand called Alpha skincare. Now, this is a renewal best body lotion. This is the very first product that I’ve ever bought from this brand and so far I’ve been really enjoying this brand.

But this actually has 12% glycolic acid in it. So it’s going to beat your body moisturizer with an exfoliant as well. And I really love this. I think it’s really important to also exfoliate your body as well.

Whether you’re using an exfoliating med or aloof something in your weekly routine. It’s good to exfoliate your skin.

[Now, this is safe to use every single day. But you can also just use it a couple of days a week. I recommend to you use this body lotion 2 times a week. Because there’s 12% glycolic acid in. I don’t think that you’re going to get really dry like if you were using glycolic acid on your face. ]

This is a little different this doesn’t make your skin drier at all. This really does heal dry skin on your legs and on your arms. It does have that glycolic in there. It keeps your skin renewing every time you use this.

So it’s going to gently exfoliate your skin without you seeing the flakiness. I don’t get dry legs. I don’t get dry arms. This really does keep my skin really bright and hydrated all the time.

And it just keeps renewing my skin every time I use this product. So this is formulated as I said with 12% glycolic, alpha hydroxy acid. Do thoroughly hydrate and gently exfoliate leaving your skin soft, smooth younger, looking from head to toe.

And it definitely does make your skin super soft and the more you do use this you do see that your legs are a lot shinier as well. That’s because it’s exfoliating all of that dead skin off and I think that’s really important.

Especially on our legs as we shave our legs and wax our legs. It’s really nice to keep our legs nice, hydrated, and shiny. If we’re going to be in dresses and skirts – it’s nice to have legs like that.

So this is definitely going to renew your legs, renew our skin to really make it nice and glowy. Keep it from having dry skin on our bodies. It also helps to support collagen production and to even your skin’s tone and texture.

That is true you know how sometimes we can get a lot of texture on our knees. Especially on our elbows as well. So this is going to be a great product to add to those areas to keep those areas really smooth and soft without roughness and texture.

If you’re somebody like me that likes to self-tan a lot, you can’t have dry knee caps and dry elbows. Because you’re definitely going to see it all of that self-tanner is going to attract and grab into those areas.

And make it look darker not as natural. So if you have a that’s like this in your skincare routine. This is going to be really good to eliminate that and to keep everything smooth and soft.

[So I would highly recommend this body lotion for crepey skin. This is really great but I do have to mention –

if you are using this every morning because it has an Ain it like the glycolic acid, you need to make sure that you are using an SPF on top of your skin as well. I mean SPF is meant to be put on every single day on our face and body anyways. But if you are using a product like this with AJ’s you definitely have to be wearing sunscreen.

Especially on your chest and the areas that are going to be exposed to the sun. Because you definitely will get a sunburn and your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.

But, in the long run, this is going to be very beneficial and it’s gonna really improve your skin. So, I would highly recommend this body lotion. It’s really great and I just can’t wait to use it again. So yeah, this is really good.

Final Opinion on This Body Lotion

After using this body lotion, I really find this is the best body lotion and repairs skin perfectly. But I suggest you use this product 2 or 3 times a week. And also, for daily use, must use sunscreen. I rate this product 4.5 out of 5.

You can use it for anti-aging skin problems and also for skin repair lotion. I definitely recommend this best lotion for crepey skin on arms and legs.

Now Get back to one of the most problems that maximum people want to get a solution to. The question is –

How Can I Improve My Crepey Skin on My Arms & Legs?

I’m going to talk with you about how do I improve our crepey skin. So that’s what we’re gonna cover today – simple things you can do. No storage or anything like that.

  1. Supplemental Collagen

Are you want to look at improving the collagen of your skin? So our skin is composed mainly of collagen and as we get older that collagen in our skin thins. The collagen also is normally at this kind of tight fact, tightly packed fibers and as we get older kind of like laws a log-cabin.

They become more frayed. They start to fall apart. So one thing we want to do is we want to replenish our skin with collagen.

If you take supplemental collagen, you can actually do that. there are studies that show that those people who actually take college of supplements can experience a thickening of the collagen in their skin.

So the easiest way to do that is you take a college of supplement. You should see your skin steadily heart start to improve. There are lots of supplemental collagen on the market. Just make sure that they are high-quality. There are some low-quality supplements out there that you definitely want to avoid.

  1. Bone Broth

Okay, once again no real vegan or vegetarian option for bone broth. But for those of you who are not vegan or vegetarian bone broth it has, it’s really chock full of collagen and gelatin.

These are proteins that can be very very good for the building blocks of your skin. I know a good dr. Kelly and Petrucci, who wrote a book called a bone-broth diet and she has found in so many of her clients and patients such improvement to their skin.

When they take the bone broth and there are a lot of functional and holistic medicine practitioners who are finding the same thing. Now bone broth isn’t the same as just buying chicken broth or beef broth at your store.

This is something where that it really has to simmer for a long time. With those bones, it takes a long time to make it. So if you don’t have the time to make it, you can get that commercially available. So bone broth is another great way to replace your skin with collagen.

  1. Retinol Moisturizer

So there have been studies show that using retinol or treta-no on which is a prescription-strength version by applying that cream to your skin.
You can thicken the collagen of your skin. You can thicken the dermis which is the deeper layer of the skin.

Retinol is a great way to thicken the college of your skin to decrease the crepeiness of that skin. Now if you’ve got crepeiness on your face, using a retinol moisturizer can work really well for that.

[If you’ve got it on your hands, you can use it for your hands, for other parts of your body as well be very careful though if you’re using retinol on a prescription-strength version. ]

You don’t want to put that on anywhere but your face because it might be too aggressive. So be very very careful start with your face. If you do a body tries to use more retinol and over-the-counter version.

Don’t necessarily go with the prescription strength because that’s probably going to be too strong. All right, what else can you do –

  1. Collagen Supporting Multivitamin (Vitamin A, C, D, Folate, Zinc, Green Tea Extra)

Also, I recommend a collagen supporting multivitamin. So if you’re not taking a good multivitamin get one with these. These are those key ingredients that you want to look for in your college. And supporting multivitamins that all multivitamins have it. So what do you need – vitamins A, C, D, and vitamin C.

Especially that is a cofactor as a part of collagen synthesis in your skin. So super important to have vitamin C for your skin. You may have heard of this term called scurvy.

And scurvy was this disease or this condition that people got sailors, got a long time ago when they didn’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

When they are on these long voyages so what would happen is they may pack fresh fruits and vegetables initially on the voyage. They have finished them off. Where they would go bad a couple of weeks in and then it would have nothing after that.

So then these sailors would then find that they would have bleeding gums and teeth because the collagen of their gums would start breaking down. They would also have issues with their skin and eruptions and breaking down the skin too. That’s why vitamin C so so important. It’s also a great antioxidant which is very good for protecting your skin against free radicals folate zinc.

Zinc is a key mineral that can help with the health of the skin. You need to have zinc to have healthy skin. Green tea extract powerful antioxidant to also help with your skin’s health.

  1. Probiotic – at Least 5-15 CFU

Well, I recommend if you’ve got crepey skin take a probiotic at least 5 to 15 cm. This is something that’s not necessarily going to have a direct impact on crepey skin but a lot of times people have crepey skin and also have some inflammation going on in their skin.

A lot of times help the skin that’s somewhat unhealthy. That’s not vibrant and lustrous is because of issues in the gut and so taking a good probiotic every day can help to treat that.

If you’ve got a gut-related issue causing problems with your skin this may be able to help it.

  1. Fish Oil – Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish oil is really important because fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids. This is great for reducing the inflammation of your skin.

Ok, once again fish oil and probiotics aren’t going to directly impact the crepeiness of your skin. But can all definitely help with promoting it being hydrated, moisturized, reduces inflammation and it’s great for your skin as well.

So, we definitely recommend picking up good high-quality fish oil. You can get it at your local health food store. And of course, you don’t want to get cheap fish oil.


I hope this review and all information help you to solve your crepey skin problem with anti-aging. If you have any questions regarding this body lotion or want to know more just comment below and I will reply to you.


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