best moisturizer for combination acne prone skin
best moisturizer for combination skin
  1. best moisturizer for combination acne prone skin
  2. best moisturizer for combination skin

Best Moisturizer Lotion for Combination Acne Prone Skin 2021

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Quick Summary:

Today's we are going to be doing another single product skincare review. We will be talking through everything you need to know about this moisturizer. So, the skin types might be best for consistency.

We'll talk through the ingredients as well. So, if you want to get all information and my thoughts on this best daily moisturizer lotion, please read the full of review.

  • CeraVe skincare is developed with dermatologists
  • Smooth, light-weight texture daily moisturizing lotion
  • MVE technology to provide long-lasting 24-hour hydration
  • All ceraVe products are formulated with essential ceramides
  • Suitable for use as a body, face & hands moisturizing lotion
  • If you have too much allergy on your skin avoid it
  • Not much suitable for possible sensitivity and flushing skin


Details Description About Cerave Moisturizer for Combination Skin


This moisturizer retails for twelve dollars and 59 cents (price changeable, Check Price button above for latest price) and you are getting 12 fluid ounces in the bottle. For the amount of moisturizer that you’re getting this is definitely an affordable option. I get questions a lot on this bottle and on the moisturizing cream.


If you can use these on your face because they’re so big like this just looks like a body lotion. Yes, you can use this moisturizer on your face. This moisturizer for all skin types for combination acne prone or oily or dry skin.


Also, you can use this moisturizer on your body. I use other moisturizers that are thicker on the rest of my body. This lotion claims to help to moisturize and restore your protective skin barrier.


And a couple of ingredients that they call out right away on the front are three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid. They say this is a lightweight formulation and is best for normal to dry skin types. So as far as the skin types that might love this moisturizing lotion.


Honestly, I feel like this is a good moisturizer for combination acne-prone skin or all skin types. Those who have combination acne prone skin that leans oily and also tested out many many moisturizers before and this is one of the lightest weight moisturizers that you definitely get a try.


So, it feels very lightweight on the skin and it truly is a lotion versus a thicker cream.


This is much lighter weight and while yes, I think normal to dry skin types would love this. I still feel like this is a moisturizer that some people with acne-prone or oily skin could use.


It’s something I can use with combination skin. Of course, everyone’s skin is different, everyone’s skin responds differently and I’m not a dermatologist but just in comparing it to all the other moisturizers that I’ve tested out before I think it’s a good option.


Because of how lightweight it is in comparison and this moisturizer has some really amazing ingredients. One of the best ingredients that I just always love to see Anna’s moisturizer. The second ingredient is glycerin. Glycerin is an incredible humectant for the skin that helps to hydrate the skin and then right after that caprylic, triglyceride is the next ingredient.


And that is actually derived from glycerin and coconut oil and as an emollient. So, emollients help to replenish our skin. It does soften the skin and it also helps to provide our skin with moisture. So, love to see those two ingredients.


So high upon the label really really great additions and a moisturizer as far as skin-replenishing and hydrating goes and then I said on the front it calls out those three essential ceramides.


There are three essential ceramides. The different ceramides that are in this specific moisturizer. They are ceramide MP at ceramide AP and ceramide AOP. And the difference between those isn’t really important.


Essentially just all you need to know is that ceramides are skin-replenishing ingredients and they are amazing ingredients to have nice dry skin. Because ceramides are actually naturally occurring within our skin. So, they’re actually major components in the outer layers of our skin that help our skin to retain water.


We want to make sure that we’re using moisturizers that have ingredients in them that help our skin to retain water and prevent that moisture loss from occurring other than.


Just making sure that our skin is hydrated though. They’re really great skin-replenishing and skin-restoring ingredients. So amazing that this has three essential ceramides in it.


Of course, it does have hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic acid is another humectant that helps to prevent moisture loss and just helps to add that surface level. Hydration to our skin makes it look nice and plump and healthy and glow.

Hyaluronic acid is something I feel like you can find in this moisturizer.


So many affordable skincare products these days. That’s not necessarily unique to this formulation. But it’s just a nice addition to this product.


Especially in combination with that other humectant and emollient ingredients that we already have and then the last call out that – I wanted to make within this formulation is actually that it has cholesterol in it.


And in skincare cholesterol is an amazing emollient to replenish the skin. So, it’s really known to help to make our skin look healthier glower, and hydrated.


Another great ingredient within this formulation the combination of all of those that I mentioned it just makes for a really nice moisturizer. That’s going to make your skin look glow & helpful. While this does have some really amazing hydrating and skin-replenishing ingredients in it.


It doesn’t have anything from an antioxidant perspective to help our skin even further. It is a really amazing option and also the fact that it doesn’t have all those extra ingredients. Just means that there is less room for potential irritation at the end of the day.


When we have skincare ingredient labels that are 12 years long it that just means that we have even more ingredients that have the potential to irritate our skin.


Of course, that doesn’t mean that all products with long ingredient labels are going to irritate your skin but I mean when you have more ingredients there’s more opportunity or potential for it.


So, this is something that should be safe for sensitive skin types and acne-prone skin types. Because there are no ingredients in here that are known to be skin sensitizers or irritants. There’s no fragrance, no essential oils.


However, I do know that some people experience irritation with CeraVe products. I don’t know exactly what that would be caused by. Because I have looked through everything and there’s nothing on the label that is a known or even a potential skin sensitizer or irritant.


So, I’m not exactly sure what would be causing that if this does irritate your skin.


So Overall Final Thoughts on This Moisturizer:


I recommend it a hundred percent yes. I think this is a great option. It’s affordable. It has a lot of amazing ingredients in it. The consistency and my opinion are beautiful. It may not be for you but at the same time, I’m like I don’t know how this couldn’t be there’s nothing about this that I feel like would be polarizing.


do you know what I mean it’s not too thick and creamy? it’s not so lightweight to where you feel like. you’re not getting hydration if you have dry skin. it’s just good I feel like it would be really hard to find a complaint about that specific formulation.


How Does It Feel on This Skin?

best moisturizer for combination acne prone skin


Again if you have one you’ll have to let me know it’s I’m curious but I think this is such a good option for an affordable moisturizer. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This is something I use all the time. I use it every single week, multiple times a week and I absolutely love it.

When You Should Use this CeraVe Moisturizer?

My favorite way to use it is in the morning but I still will use this at night and I do feel like it gives me enough hydration to where I feel like I sleep throughout the night.


I don’t wake up with dry skin or tight skin. It leaves me feeling hydrated for a very long time. So I would highly recommend this moisturizer. I think it’s great and it is a staple in my skincare routine.


For a reason all right you guys so that is everything that I have to say about the CeraVe daily moisturizing lotion that is my final review. I hope this was helpful for you and I hope that you like this review.


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