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The Best Video Editing Console for PC 2021

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Quick Summary:

Today we're reviewing the best video editing console - Loupedeck CT. We are quite excited about this one. Basically, what this is, is a control surface which is supposedly better than using a keyboard and mouse. This video editing console is worth it or not, we will see these loupedeck reviews. This best console not for only video editing, it's also best for a photo editing controller.

  • No programming skill required
  • You can create your own custom workspace
  • This video editing console is powerful and adaptable.
  • Create & switch between as many customized workspaces as you need.
  • Lots of functions without icons.
  • Sometimes you Face searching very slow.
  • You can't make more than 1 profile per app.
  • You can't active any given application that u want.

Basic Information About This Best Video Editing Console – Loupedeck CT


This video editing console really could increase your editing speed and/or offer you the functionality that you couldn’t get from keyboard shortcuts. So, the Luke deck CT functions as a reassignable control surface for a lot of popular audio and video editing controller software and it offers functionality for other often used apps.



Loupedeck has deep Native Integrations for –

  1. Adobe Lightroom Classic
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Adobe PS Camera Raw
  5. Adobe Audition
  6. Adobe Premiere Pro
  7. Ableton Live
  8. Final Cut Pro X

Profile Creator Defaults:

  • Steinberg Cubase Elements
  • Steinberg Cubase pro
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Photo Mechanic
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Apple Logic Pro X
  • Izotope
  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Pixologic Zbrush
  • Spotify (PC)
  • Spotify (Mac)


best video editing controller

Now, Let’s Start to Know The Details of The Video Editing Console (Loupdeck CT):


As well packaging feels really premium and the overall size of this video editing console thing is much smaller. It is next to a 65% keyboard for reference. We’re happy to say that the controls all feel really premiere pro controller. Having used some less than quality MIDI controllers over the years.


The circle buttons are very firm. All the touchscreen buttons are very responsive. You never have to press anything multiple times to get anything to actuate. There’s even haptic feedback on all. The touches areas as well as the scroll wheel.


The cable is detachable USBC. It comes with a logo 90-degree cable. The only gripe here is that the cable is rather short at 1 meter. This is great for laptop use but in a desktop scenario, you’ll definitely want an extension.

It will slow you down in the beginning while you’re learning. There is a learning curve that comes with this thing.


The only thing we’ll say here is that – it’s not as fast as toggling the space bar. So if you start to stop rapidly to see how something flows together space bar is still gonna be faster.

You also get a hotkey to go fullscreen in your program window. Now the real power of this best video editing console for pc Loupedeck – its color grading and correction.


If you’re working with multiple programs, it’ll change its own layout instantly.


It’s nice the only thing you won’t have access to though is hardware control over the color correction. Because that behind resolves own API.

best console for video editing

This video editing controller still offers up a lot of functionality through the Loup deck. And it will ultimately be in place for users to share and get access to custom profiles for other popular software, other little odds, and ends.


There’s actually an 8-gig flash drive. So, you can store and recall profiles on this device. This is excellent if you’re running a custom layout and traveling with the unit to a different system.

That’s a ton of functionality and the hardware build is very good. The only soft spot here is that this product lives and dies by its software integration. Luckily the software is very good and they’re constantly working on it.


It will ultimately increase the speed of your edits and it will offer you the functionality that you couldn’t get with your regular keyboard.


It has a lot of functionality and compatibility outside maybe just a regular production. workflow is nice like the stream labs integration is great but chances are if you’re serious about streaming.

A stream deck is one of the first things you bought. So that functionality may be lost. You’ve actually started using a lot of the desktop features.


Our Opinion For You About This Video Editing Console – Loupedeck CT

So ultimately it is dedicated control surface is a luxury, not a necessity. Plenty of people can edit super-fast and get great results using just their mouse and keyboard.

You buy this video editing controller or not it’s totally your decision. It is a very high range product. And of course, it has great features for editing photos and videos. You can also use this video editing controller for pc.

We highly recommend this best video editing console for marketing video production, narrative filmmaking, corporate and event videography, journalism, and documentary filmmaking.

And if you are very passionate about the photo and video editing then you can also buy it, if your budget allows. It is very easy to use and saves your editing time with this video editing console.

If you have any queries about this loupedeck review please feel free to contact me. Thanks

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