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Best Affordable Good Quality Makeup Brush Set USA Under $15

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Quick Introduction:

Today's we will review good affordable makeup brushes. These brush sets still are the number one best-selling brushes on Amazon. They had four and a half stars and each brush comes out to about 75 or 78 cents apiece. Everyone wants to get cheap makeup brushes and, in this review, you have the solution for that.

  • High-Quality Synthetic Fiber Hair
  • Soft and Silky Makeup Brush with Bold Handle
  • Premium Quality Makeup Brush with Cheap Price
  • The bristles also don’t fall off during the makeup application process
  • Have Some Problem with the Powdery Products
  • Immediately Upon Opening the Bag the Chemical Smell

Details About these Good Quality Makeup Brushes – You’ve To Know Before Buy!

This brush set has 14 makeup brushes and we’ll give you very deep details of each makeup brush and then give you our final thoughts of this good quality makeup brush set at the end of the review.

Get into the First Brush – Start with the Face Brushes


It is the face round brush. This does a really good job of blending out your foundation. You could see this being really good for cream blush, cream contour. it’s a nice size makeup brush. The bristles are densely packed. We don’t have a negative thing to say about these makeup brush sets. It’s a really good foundation brush and it’s crazy that a lot of times you can spend ten dollars on just one brush.


This is just one of the 14 brushes set but you will get very impressed with this face makeup brush. You will finish blending out of your foundation with this face brush.


The Flat-Face Brush


Again, it is really impressive with this flat face makeup brush.


[ We would say these two face brushes (Face Brush + Flat Face Brush) very useful and you will like them the most. And it’s doesn’t feel like super high quality. It’s definitely a synthetic hair brush set. For a good starter foundation blending brush. These are both fantastic and if you use it one time then you will get a fan of these cheap makeup brushes.]


The Face Flat Angled


You could also use this for blending out foundation. This is basically the same thing as the other one flat top. But it’s just angled. So, if you prefer to have an angle when you’re blending out your foundation to get into the different crevices of the face.


You would really like this brush but there’s no real difference between the above brushes and that flat top brush. It’s just a different shape. The face-angled brush and the flat top brush are basically the same things.


This flat angled makeup brush with a powder contour. This brush set would be good for actual powder products. The bristles are so densely packed.


The Face Tapered Brush


This face brush is the most favorite face brush. Definitely, all of these are synthetic but this just felt the most synthetic it said. You could use this to blend out concealer.


The Brow Brushes


You will be like it at first because it does have a spoolie. Here is just way too soft you need your brow brush to be somewhere between two firms. Where it’s gonna deposit too much product and too soft or you don’t have control over where the product is actually going.

best cheap makeup brush sets

The Blending Brush


These blending brushes are awesome. You will so pleasantly be surprised by these.


We can’t even tell you they’re so fluffy and soft and remind of like the wet and wild crease brush. It does an amazing job of blending makeup. The eye shadow through your crease and they look really nice. And the quality of these blending makeup brushes is the highlight of the collection by far.


The Next One Was The Concealer Brush


We tried using it as a concealer brush to clean up my brow bone and we are not impressed but as a packer brush on the lid. It did a really good job of picking up. The product and depositing it this type of synthetic brush does really well with super shimmery shades.


The color pop press shadows will really get the pigment out and hold onto it as your deposit. It onto your lid definitely a Miss for a concealer brush but as an eyeshadow packing brush super impressed and then this brush was kind of a strange size.


It’s not an eyeliner brush and it’s not an eyeshadow brush. This was a detailed concealer brush which at first, we thought was going to be kind of useless. But we used it to kind of pinpoint different spots on our face that everyone wants a little bit more coverage.


And we could definitely see ourselves using this for that purpose again. Because it’s so tiny, you’re not gonna pack on a whole layer of concealer to a whole area of your face. You can really pinpoint different spots on the face where you have.


Next One Pencil Brush


We were just not a fan of again very similar to the tapered face makeup brush. It was too tightly packed. We felt like it was pulling at the lower lashline too much and wasn’t blending out the shadow. It was just straight-up depositing. I had to go back in with another brush to kind of blend it out and smoke it out.


If this is your first set of makeup brushes and you don’t have any sort of a pencil brush I could see this being useful. But as a stand-alone brush compared to other drugstore pencil brushes like the ELF smudge brush this was a miss for you.


But eyeliner brush was a surprise for us. It looks really flimsy because it has a little bit of an angle to it. It down along your lash line and it will a lot of the work for you.


it’s so thin that you can get as thin of a line as you want or you can thicken it up as you go. This being a really great brush to create a wing. Because it does have that angle to it and it’s so tiny. So, this is a win in the collection for sure.


The Last Brush is a Lip Brush


This is nothing super special but it does the job. Actually, I could see myself using this as a lip brush or as another kind of pinpoint concealer brush. Because it is so small, so overall.


How Does Makeup Brushes Look Like?


That’s the other thing we want to say about these good-quality makeup brushes. It has kind of a matte rose gold top and then a black bottom with a little bit of silver writing. So, the look of these brushes is absolutely beautiful.


So that’s kind of the quick rundown of each individual makeup brush.


But as far as our final thoughts go on this whole line as a collection.


First of all, we love the packaging like we mentioned we think it looks really high-end. This matte rose gold is absolutely beautiful and we think what you’re gonna get out of this collection. These makeup brush really good foundation brushes and some awesome blending brushes but…………………


What’s Missing From This Collection?


In my opinion, to apply powder products with there’s nothing to really apply powder all over the face apply powder contour powder blush.


So, you would need to have those brushes already in your collection as well as some sort of a highlighter brush. If you do enjoy applying highlighter these face brushes, I would say are only really good for cream products and then even though. There were some misses with the eye collection – The pencil brush and the eyebrow brush.


Overall, especially the blending brushes were incredibly impressive. So, we would say our favorite brushes were the face round brush and the face flat brush. As well as the blending brushes. It’s still worth it in our opinion just to get this set of makeup brushes. So, overall, we were really impressed by this cheap and good-quality makeup brush set. We would say if you’re a beginner or someone that just wants to build up your makeup brush sets collection. This is definitely worth it for you.


Let me know if there are any other good makeup brush sets that you want us to review and we’d be happy to do it.


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