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In today’s review, we are talking about my top favorite most loved drugstore and affordable best setting spray. So, this best makeup setting spray will all reduce the look of that powdery finish of your makeup. They will all extend the wear of your makeup, and they will also give your skin a really gorgeous glory flawless.

So, if you are interested in know about all of my most recommended best affordable drugstore setting spray. Then please read this full review very carefully.


Five Best Affordable Makeup Setting Spray Lists 


best makeup setting spray for oily skin


  1. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Matte Finish Setting Spray

Key Points for NYX Setting Spray:

  • Very Long-Lasting Setting Spray
  • When You Use Its Very Light Weight Spray
  • Works with all Makeup (foundation, eyeshadow, and powder)
  • Waterproof Setting Spray
  • Very Affordable Setting Spray for All Skin

Customer Review – 4.5 Out Of 5



See this setting spray video:


Details Description:

All right first up we do have to give an honorable mention to the NYX long-lasting matte finish setting spray. This one has been around for years and years. It still continues to really deliver on its promise to extend the wear of makeup.

This is a water-based spray and it does contain alcohol. It’s very very lightweight on the skin. It’s got a really good mister on it. And it definitely helps to lock makeup in place.

Typically, you’re going to get that sort of control from your primer and from your powder. But it definitely helps to extend the wear of your makeup and it definitely keeps everything looking really nice and fresh.

Reduces your makeup caking up and separating. So, I really do recommend this one.


best makeup setting spray for oily skin


  1. L.F Makeup Setting Spray Matte Magic Mist & Set

Key Points for NYX Setting Spray:

  • Improve Your Makeup Wearability
  • L.F. Setting Spray Prevents Color
  • This Makeup Setting Spray Running or Fading
  • Revitalize Makeup Color with Just A Few Sprays


Customer Review – 4.2 Out Of 5



Details Description:

This is the E.L.F matte magic mist and set initially. I wasn’t too sure of this one but after using it over an extended period of time I do have to say that – I do really really like it and especially for the price.

It is insanely affordable. This one I guess is very similar to the NYX matte setting spray. It definitely holds your makeup in place. It definitely stops transfer; it stops your makeup from sliding off during the day. And It stops your makeup from caking up and separating.

Again, I don’t think that it necessarily keeps your matte during the day. I don’t really think that any drugstore’s best makeup setting spray sort of has enough punch in it.

But it definitely will extend the wear of your makeup and it looks really fresh and beautiful when applied over your makeup. It’s also got a really nice fine little mist. So, when you do spray it, you don’t end up with those large water drops.

Let’s that then run and bleed and you know sort of ruin your makeup. I really do like this one. Especially for the price you truly can’t go wrong.


Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Spray


  1. Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Spray


Key Points for NYX Setting Spray:

  • Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Up to 16/hs
  • This Setting Spray is dermatologist tested & Allergy Tested
  • Suitable for All Skin Even You Have Sensitive Skin
  • Very Lightweight Makeup Setting Spray
  • Create the Ultimate Matte Effective


Customer Review – 4.4 Out Of 5



See this setting spray video:


Details Description:

Now, this is actually a newer release from Maybelline. They have done several setting sprays over the years. I did recently try the glass finish setting spray which is actually very very similar in finish and wear to the catchall luminous dewy skin mist.

But me being an oily girl. I can’t use those over my makeup for an extended period of time. But this one here I have been really enjoying. So, this is the lasting fix, they say that this is a 16-hour wear matte finish setting spray.

And I really do have to say I get a really long extended wear time out of this. It keeps my makeup in place and once you spray it on the skin it really does get rid of that sort of powdery texture.

That you can sort of having when you finish your makeup. Especially if you’re a dry skin type. It really sorts of melts the makeup into the skin and helps it look natural. I don’t find that when I spray this it causes my mascara to transfer or anything like that just awesome. 

Long-lasting setting spray will stop caking, will stop separation and I do think that it does keep my skin marginally matte during the day. Really recommend super affordable awesome formula okay.


Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray


  1. Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray


Key Points for NYX Setting Spray:

  • This is a Long-Lasting Setting Spray Up to 12 hs
  • This Setting Spray Create Natural Glow Skin
  • Hold Your Makeup in Place Longer
  • Keep Your Foundation & Eye Makeup in Place with No Fading/Smudging


Customer Review – 4.2 Out Of 5



Details Description:

I have another really amazing setting spray that in my opinion. Definitely does the job, definitely keeps your makeup in place, and definitely keeps your makeup looking perfect and it is from the makeup revolution.

New sister product for the PRO-FIX, fixing spray. They call it their amazing makeup fixing spray.

So, it definitely does a great job if you are really looking to lock that makeup. You know warm humid climates or you might be going out dancing or for a wedding or something like that it truly sets everything down.

One thing that I will say is – it might be a little bit intense if you do have very sensitive skin or a very dry skin type. It can feel a little drying on the skin after you have sprayed it.

For me, that’s amazing like being an oily girl. I’m like yes, that makeup in place but if you’ve already got quite dry tight sort of skin, you may not necessarily enjoy the feeling of this.

But it definitely gets the job done. It doesn’t cause any creasing or transfer or anything. No caking, no separation when wearing this.


best makeup setting spray drugstore


  1. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray


Key Points for NYX Setting Spray:

  • Skindinavia Setting Spray Is Safe and Effective for ALL Skin
  • Perfect for Weddings and Special Events
  • Use This Spray Under or Over Makeup for Healthy Radiant Look
  • Skindinavia Makeup Products Are Paraben-Free and Hypoallergenic
  • Reduces the Need for Touch-Ups or Blotting


Customer Review – 4.7 Out Of 5



Details Description:
It’s such a fine mist, and it really just smooths everything. Melts the makeup into the skin. It feels really good. There’s barely any scent, which I love. I know that I’m not judging on scent, but the scent is just one of those things that’s so polarizing in makeup products.

So, this one is really, really good in my opinion.

This is not bad at all. when I used it I saw all of my makeup in place on my face. I saw my blush, my contour, my highlight not fading at all, and all correctly right place. It is a long-lasting setting spray. So, you can try it.


Those are my top five affordable drugstores’ best makeup setting sprays. I’ve spent a long time testing them. I’ve tested, I feel all the setting sprays. So, I can give you the best review of the affordable setting sprays list.

These are my top favorites certainly for you know extending the wear of your makeup and just keeping your makeup looking perfect for as long as possible. so, I hope that this review helped you.

If you have any questions about any of the products, please ask in the comment section or contact me from the contact page.

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